The following papers have been accepted for presentation at CiE 2010. Some of them have been accepted for publication in the pre-proceedings volume published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, the others will be published in our abstract and handout booklet. All authors of papers presented at CiE 2010 may be invited to submit papers to one of the post-conference publications.

Author (s) Title
Eric Allender Avoiding Simplicity is Complex LNCS
Mikhail Andreev, Ilya Razenshteyn and Alexander Shen Not Every Domain of a Plain Decompressor Contains the Domain of a Prefix-Free One Booklet
Anderson de Araújo Nonstandard Models of Peano Arithmetic and Turing Computability Booklet
Thorsten Altenkirch, Paul Levy and Sam Staton Higher Order Containers LNCS
Bogdan Aman and Gabriel Ciobanu Verifying Behavioural Properties of Membrane Systems with Delays via Timed Colored Petri Nets Booklet
Mauricio Ayala-Rincon and Flavio de Moura Formalization of Security Proofs Using PVS in the Dolev-Yao Model Booklet
Mathias Barra and Philipp Gerhardy The ordinal of Skolem + Tetration is τ0 LNCS
Bruno Bauwens m-sophistication Booklet
Hannah Bast The CompleteSearch engine - Basics and recent developments Booklet
Edwin Beggs, José Félix Costa and John Tucker Comparing complexity classes relative to physical oracles Booklet
Laurent Bienvenu, Frank Stephan and Jason Teutsch How powerful are integer-valued martingales? LNCS
Laurent Bienvenu, Adam Day, Ilya Mezhirov and Alexander Shen Ergodic-type characterizations of algorithmic randomness LNCS
Guillaume Blin, Romeo Rizzi and Stéphane Vialette A faster algorithm for finding minimum Tucker submatrices LNCS
Cristian S. Calude, Kai Salomaa and Tania K. Roblot Finite-State Complexity and Randomness Booklet
Luca Cardelli and Philippa Gardner Processes in Space LNCS
Merlin Carl and Peter Koepke Natural Language in Algorithms and Proofs - an Outline of the Naproche Project Booklet
Gregorio de Miguel Casado Fractional Positional Notation for Exact Rational Arithmetic Booklet
Douglas Cenzer, Ali Dashti, Ferit Toska and Sebastian Wyman Computability of Countable Subshifts LNCS
Zoltán Csajbók Partial Approximative Set Theory Booklet
Stefan Dantchev and Barnaby Martin The limits of tractability in Resolution-based propositional proof systems LNCS
Edgar Daylight The Advent of Recursion in Programming, 1950s – 1960s Booklet
Barnaby Dawson α-computability Booklet
Alberto Dennunzio, Enrico Formenti and Michael Weiss 2D Cellular Automata: dynamics and undecidability Booklet
Luis Descalço, Alexandre Madeira and Manuel Martins Applying Abstract Algebraic Logic to Classical Automata Theory: an exercise Booklet
Debora Donato Graph Structures and Algorithms for Query-Log Analysis LNCS
Gilles Dowek and Pablo Arrighi On the completeness of quantum computation models LNCS
Dominic Dumrauf and Tim Süß On the Complexity of Local Search for Weighted Standard Set Problems LNCS
Jérôme Durand-Lose The coordinates of isolated accumulations are exactly computable real numbers Booklet
Martin Escardo and Paulo Oliva Searchable Sets, Dubuc-Penon Compactness, Omniscience Principles, and the Drinker Paradox Booklet
Martin Escardo and Paulo Oliva Computational Interpretations of Analysis via Products of Selection Functions LNCS
Martin Escardo and Paulo Oliva The Peirce Translation and the Double Negation Shift LNCS
Santiago Figueira, Denis Hirschfeldt, Joseph S. Miller, Selwyn Ng and André Nies Counting the changes of random Δ02 sets LNCS
Willem Fouche Countable dense sets of reals and Kolmogorov complexity Booklet
Giuditta Franco and Natasa Jonoska The power of a single membrane Booklet
Michele Friend Boole: From Calculating Numbers to Calculating Thoughts LNCS
Alexander Gavryushkin Computable Limit Models Booklet
Christian Glasser, Christian Reitwießner, Heinz Schmitz and Maximilian Witek Approximability and Hardness in Multi-Objective Optimization LNCS
Hugo Gouveia, Nelma Moreira and Rogério Reis Small NFAs from Regular Expressions: Some Experimental Results Booklet
Ferruccio Guidi An Efficient Validation Procedure for the Formal System lambda-delta Booklet
Kojiro Higuchi Pw is not a Heyting algebra LNCS
John Hitchcock Lower Bounds for Reducibility to the Kolmogorov Random Strings LNCS
Jeannette Janssen Spatial models for virtual networks LNCS
Jeannette Janssen and Nauzer Kalyaniwalla Comparing tree structures using compression Booklet
Natasa Jonoska and Masahico Saito DNA rearrangements through spatial graphs LNCS
Takayuki Kihara Medvedev and Muchnik degrees of Π10 classes with incomplete c.e. filters Booklet
Bakh Khoussainov and Andrey Morozov On index sets of some properties of computable algebras LNCS
Arist Kojevnikov and Alexander Kulikov Circuit Complexity and Multiplicative Complexity of Boolean Functions LNCS
Ekaterina Komendantskaya, Krysia Broda and Artur d'Avila Garcez Using Inductive Types for Ensuring Correctness of Neuro-Symbolic Computations Booklet
Lars Kristiansen and Bedeho Mender Two notion of non-determinism and fragments of Gödel's T. Booklet
Oleg Kudinov, Victor Selivanov and Lyudmila Yartseva Definability in the Subword Order LNCS
Oleg Kudinov, Victor Selivanov and Anton Zhukov Undecidability in Weihrauch Degrees LNCS
Giuseppe Longo Incomputability in Physics LNCS
Jack H. Lutz and Brad Shutters Approximate Self-Assembly of the Sierpinski Triangle LNCS
Lili Ma, Xin Jiang, Zhanli Zhang, Shaoting Tang and Zhiming Zheng Hidden metric space: an essential of network modularity Booklet
Florin Manea, Carlos Martin-Vide and Victor Mitrana Hairpin Lengthening LNCS
Yuri I. Manin Infinities in Quantum Field Theory and in Classical Computing: Renormalization Program LNCS
Giancarlo Mauri, Alberto Leporati, Antonio Porreca and Claudio Zandron Computational Complexity Aspects in Membrane Computing LNCS
Armando Matos, Andreia Teixeira and André Souto On the largest monochromatic combinatorial rectangles with an application to Communication Complexity Booklet
Alexander Melnikov On computable ordered abelian groups and fields LNCS
Liesbeth De Mol, Maarten Bullynck and Martin Carlé Haskell before Haskell. Curry's contribution to programming (1946 - 1950) LNCS
Fernando Vasconcelos Mendes and Rubens Viana Ramos Quantum Teleportation of Qudit Gates Booklet
Samuel Mimram Focusing in Asynchronous Games LNCS
Benedek Nagy and Peter Battyanyi DNA-Prolog Booklet
Juan Ospina and Mario Velez Bicategorification of he Baez-Stay Rosseta Stone: Programs = Proofs = Processes= Cobordisms Booklet
João Luzeilton de Oliveira and Rubens Viana Ramos Quantum Algorithm for Finding the Period of a Periodic Function Using asymptotic Quantum Search Booklet
Sergey Ospichev Computable Family of Σ-1a-Sets without Friedberg Numberings Booklet
Jeff Paris and Soroush Rad A note on the least informative model of a theory LNCS
Arno Pauly The Complexity of Iterated Strategy Elimination Booklet
João Pedro Pedroso and Yves Smeers Equilibria on a Game with Discrete Variables Booklet
Olga Pombo Three roots of Leibniz’s contribution to the Computational Conception of Reason LNCS
Giuseppe Primiero Constructive contextual modal judgments for reasoning from open assumptions Booklet
Jan Reimann and Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen The strength of the Besicovitch-Davies Theorem LNCS
Yasubumi Sakakibara Development of a Bacteria Computer: From in silico finite automata to in vitro and in vivo LNCS
Eleonora Riva Sanseverino, Roberto Candela and Giuseppe Fileccia Scimemi Adaptive continuous Ant Colony Optimization for parameters identification in electrical engineering Booklet
Rahul Santhanam The Complexity of Explicit Constructions LNCS
Monika Seisenberger and Ulrich Berger Proofs, programs, processes LNCS
Jian-Jun Shu Multiple DNA sequence alignment using joint weight matrix Booklet
Michiel De Smet and Andreas Weiermann A miniaturisation of Ramsey's theorem LNCS
Boris Solon Quasi-minimal cover e-degrees for an ideals in the upper semilattice of e-degrees Booklet
André Souto and Andreia Teixeira One-way functions using Kolmogorov complexity Booklet
André Souto Kolmogorov Complexity Cores LNCS
Dieter Spreen Every Δ02-Set is Natural, up to Turing Equivalence LNCS
Ludwig Staiger and Klaus W. Wagner There are 49 Kuratowski Lattices Booklet
Rebecca Steiner Computable Fields and Weak Truth-Table Reducibility LNCS
Lutz Strassburger What is the Problem with Proof Nets for Classical Logic? LNCS
Trifon Trifonov Quasi-linear Dialectica extraction LNCS
Regina Tukhbatullina Autostable of Boolean Algebra Bw with Distinguished Automorphism Booklet
Sara L. Uckelman Computing with Concepts, Computing with Numbers: Llull, Leibniz, & Boole LNCS
David H. Wolpert Physical inference of dynamical systems LNCS
Guohua Wu and Jiang Liu Degrees with almost universal cupping property LNCS